Carol Krimm Bio and Legislative Activities


(District 3-A) Frederick County

  • Elected to the Maryland House of Delegates, 2014
  • Serves on the House Appropriations Committee; Oversight Committee on Pensions; Transportation and the Environment Subcommittee; Joint Committee on Pensions; Joint Committee on Ending Homelessness; and the Task Force on Rural Internet, Broadband, Wireless and Cellular Service
  • Women Legislators of the Maryland General Assembly, second vice president
  • Working Group on Sexual Harassment Prevention and Policy Improvement, co-chairwoman
  • Maryland Legislative Latino Caucus, associate member
  • Alderwoman for the City of Frederick, 2009 to 2014
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science and Social Services from Frostburg University
  • MBA in Business Administration from Frostburg University
  • Lives in Frederick City with her husband of 46 years. Two children and four grandchildren.

Legislative Committees

  • Appropriations Committee. Reviews legislation related to the state operating and capital budgets and agency funding. Oversees state and county bond authorizations and higher education institutions.
  • Oversight Committee on Pensions. Reviews state personnel and pension matters.
  • Transportation and the Environment Subcommittee. Reviews budgets for all agencies in the Maryland Department of Transportation, Department of Agriculture, Department of Environment, Department of Natural Resources and more.
  • Joint Committee on Pensions. Senators and Delegates meet during the interim to discuss pension issues with the state retirement agency and make recommendations for legislation.
  • Joint Committee on Ending Homelessness. Studies housing, income, health care, education, government supports and veterans experiencing homelessness and makes policy recommendations.
  • Task Force on Rural Internet, Broadband, Wireless and Cellular Service. Works with the industry to resolve issues related to accessibility and affordability for broadband service.

Carol Krimm for Delegate


  • Maryland League of Conservation Voters. Received a grade of 100 percent on the league’s Environmental Scorecard.
  • Maryland Sierra Club. Endorsed for protecting and preserving Maryland’s environment.
  • Maryland Municipal League. Three-time award winner for supporting municipalities in the state.

2018 Legislative Accomplishments

HB 71 – PACE (PROGRAM OF ALL-INCLUSIVE CARE FOR THE ELDERLY) was introduced at the request of Advocates for the Aged in Frederick County (AAFC) to change a state regulation that limited the number of PACE programs in Maryland. This federal program helps seniors access health care needs in their community. As a result of the bill the regulation was finally changed and published in January 2018.

HB 243 – This bill extends the responsibilities of the Task Force on Rural Internet, Broadband, Wireless and Cellular Service by one year to further study and identify unserved and underserved rural areas of Maryland and improve Internet and other cellular services in rural areas. The Speaker of the House appointed me to serve on this task force. It is my goal that broadband will be affordable and accessible for the rural areas. The bill takes effect June 1, 2018.

HB 306 – NURSING MOTHERS requires the State to specify a reasonable break time for an employee to express breast milk for her nursing child and provide a place – other than a bathroom – for workers to do this at work. The bill takes effect Oct. 1, 2018.

HB 738 CULLER LAKE provides a $150,000 matching grant for Phase II of the Culler Lake Renaissance which involves landscaping, multi-use paths, sidewalks and seating, interpretive signs, an overlook, plaza and other enhancements to attract visitors to the lake in Frederick County. The bill takes effect June 1, 2018.

HB 746 BOYS & GIRLS CLUB OF FREDERICK COUNTY provides a $150,000 matching grant to increase the capacity of club so it can reach more youth through increased floor space and updated classrooms and programs. The bill takes effect June 1, 2018.

HB 822 – PHASED RETIREMENT requires the Department of Budget and Management and the State Retirement Agency to study a phased retirement plan for members of the State Retirement and Pension System and report to the General Assembly by Dec. 31, 2019.

Bills That Took a Different Path

HB 1222 – BEER/NOTICE OF NONRENEWAL OR TERMINATION provided for overhauling the language and termination requirements on craft beer franchise agreements with their distributors. Because of the positive economic benefits of craft breweries in Frederick County and throughout the state, I plan to introduce this bill again next year in support of our local breweries.

HB 1232 – RETIRED RACEHORSES would have taken 1 percent from the $66 million Purse Dedication Account be allocated to the Maryland Horse Industry Fund for the care, retraining and promotion of racehorses no longer fit to race. Although the bill did not pass, I was able to work with committee leadership to require a report on programs that provide care and treatment for retired racers. The report is due Oct. 1, 2018.

HB 1537 – DIALYSIS & NON-EMERGENCY MEDICAL TRANSPORTS sought to establish a commission to study non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) funding and make recommendations on this mode of transportation and locally operated transit systems. The chairwoman of the Health and Government Operations Committee wrote a letter to the Secretary of the Department of Health asking that agency to lead the study. The department has agreed.

HB 629 – RETIREE RX PROGRAM – The provisions of the bill make it clear that the State will provide prescription drug coverage to dependents of retirees. This bill language was added to the Budget Reconciliation and Financing Act of 2018.

Legislation – 2015-2017

HB 71 – PACE – Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly – Limit on Number of Providers – Prohibitions. I prepared and reintroduced legislation at the request of Advocates for the Aged in Frederick County (AAFC) to change a state regulation that limits the number of PACE programs in Maryland. PACE is a federal program that helps seniors access health care needs in their community.

HB 257 – Department of Aging – Contract Review. Requiring the Secretary of Aging to conduct a review of contracts the Department of Aging requires local agencies to enter into. Findings and recommendations will be reported to the Governor and General Assembly on or before January 1, 2019. The measure will be terminated after May 31, 2020.

HB 243 – Task Force on Rural Internet, Broadband, Wireless and Cellular Service – Study and Extension. Requiring the task force to conduct a study to solicit feedback from local governments and Internet service providers that will identify unserved and underserved areas in Western Maryland, Southern Maryland and the Eastern Shore counties, and Frederick, Carroll and Harford counties. The task force must report its findings and recommendations to the Governor and General Assembly by November 30, 2018.

HB 306 – Rights and Protections for Nursing Mothers. Requires the state to provide a reasonable break time for an employee to express breast milk for her nursing child for one year after the child’s birth and to provide a place for the employee to express breast milk other than a bathroom.

HB 629 – State Employee and Retiree Health and Welfare Benefits Program – Retiree Dependent Participation in the Maryland Rx Program.

In progress: Creation of a State Debt – Frederick County – Culler Lake Revitalization, Commission to Study Non-Emergency Transportation Funding, Boys and Girls Club, Pensions – Phased Retirement, Racehorses, Brewery Bill

HB 22Unappropriated General Fund Surplus – Appropriation to Pension Fund and Postretirement Health Benefits Trust.  Introduced and passed legislation that allocates unused money in the state’s General Fund to the State Retirement and Pension System Fund and Postretirement Health Benefits Trust Fund.

HB 269 Housing Navigator and Aftercare Program. In partnership with our county’s Advocates for the Homeless, this bill expands an existing program in the state and doubles its size. A housing navigator assists people in danger of a housing crisis in obtaining permanent housing. As a member of the Joint Committee to End Homelessness, I introduced this bill to address the growing problem of homelessness in our state.

HB 120State Budget – Department of Budget and Management – Statement of Dedicated State Funds. Steered the passage of the Statement of Dedicated State Funds bill, a transparency measure   applauded by both parties, state agencies and groups seeking additional funds. Revenues collected – and unused – by the state through special funds are posted online by the Department of Budget and Management.

HB 1161 – Ethan Saylor Alliance for Self-Advocates as Educators. Stemming from the tragic death of a mentally-disabled man, this bill established provisions for a steering committee to be funded through the annual state budget, grants and public and private resources.

HB 22 Ethan Saylor Alliance for Self-Advocates as Educators – Membership and Duties – Community Inclusion Training Oversight.  This bill allows the alliance to review the content and monitor implementation of training objectives and curriculum adopted by the Police Training Commission for a community inclusion program for people with developmental disabilities.

HB 99  YMCA of Frederick County. This bond bill provides $100,000 to be allocated to the YMCA to repair, renovate and purchase new equipment and furnishings damaged from Hurricane Joaquin. The YMCA provided matching funds.

HB 664 – 2015 Property Tax Fairness Act. Original sponsor of this bill which protects Frederick City residents from double taxation, prevents paying taxes for duplication of services.

HB 701 Procurement – Lease of Property for Local Departments of Social Services – Requests for Proposals. This bill passed the House, but not the Senate. The bill was introduced after the Frederick County Department of Social Services was forced to relocate after its lease expired and landlord negotiations were unsuccessful. The measure required a request for lease proposals by a local department of social services to include geographic boundaries of the area where the facility will be located.

HB 323Creation of a State Debt – Frederick County – Emergency Family Services Shelter. This bill provides a $50,000 grant – with a matching fund requirement – to the Emergency Family Services Shelter for its acquisition, planning, design, construction, repair and renovation.

HB 1467 – Housing Navigator & Aftercare Program. Adding more support for the homeless, this bill creates a housing counselor program to assist the homeless in finding affordable permanent housing. The bill also was referred to the Joint Committee to End Homelessness for study and recommendations.

HB 289 – Creation of a State Debt – Frederick County – Culler Lake Stormwater Management Project. This bill was for the acquisition, planning, design, construction and capital equipping of projects at Culler Lake.